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A wondrous journey into the land of the 'soul

As someone passionate about exploring the field of interior design, I had the opportunity to reference a special project by designer Pham Le Trung Hieu from Studio 11. It is the home of a Taiwanese individual in Vietnam, where he created a living space rich in Eastern cultural essence, blended with modern Western elements. Particularly, the owner's passion for Japanese culture is expressed through every detail, from the bedroom to the workspace, creating a harmonious and sophisticated ambiance.
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In a modern house nestled in the bustling heart of the city, there is a bedroom like a tranquil oasis, a warm and serene living room, a separate world where time seems to slow down. Each step into the house is a step across the boundary of reality, where the burdens of everyday life are often lifted, left behind beyond the door.
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A multifunctional workspace, adjacent to the communal living area, is a creative space where the owner can work while still experiencing the warmth of family life around.
The DROP chair by Fritz Hansen and the PH5 pendant light by Louis Poulsen together create a perfect combination for this space. The unique design of Arne Jacobsen's DROP chair provides a comfortable and stylish seating option, while the PH5 light, a creation of Poul Henningsen, emits soft and glare-free illumination, fostering a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This combination not only serves functional purposes but also showcases an elegant aesthetic, reflecting the Scandinavian design style where simplicity meets functionality.
The workspace by the window opens up to a view of Vietnam's lush scenery, creating a connection with the environment where the owner can contemplate and seek inspiration. Each book and piece of art in the room is not just a symbol of knowledge but also a link between the past and present, between tradition and modernity.
This house is not just a residence; it is also a source of inspiration, a place where the owner expresses pride in culture and nostalgia for their homeland. With each sunrise, he awakens not only in a living space but also in a space of the soul, where every moment is a meeting of diverse cultures, creating a harmonious symphony of life.
Stepping through the door, each space unfolds like a new chapter in the story, a mosaic of diverse cultures. The bedroom, like a tranquil oasis where time seems to slow down, serves as a steadfast mental refuge. It not only provides relaxation after each weary day but also serves as a place for contemplation, rest, and energy renewal.
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On the expansive wall, a traditional Japanese artwork, vibrant with imagery from the past, serves not only as a cultural highlight but also as a window to the soul, guiding one into stories of ancient depth and significance. This seems to be the perfect backdrop for items steeped in Scandinavian identity, such as the PH5 pendant lamp and the DROP chair, which are integrated into the space with a bold and harmonious fusion.
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As the light from the window gently seeps in, the magnificent folding screen comes alive, resembling a vibrant painting of the past. It stands not merely as a decorative piece but also as a sentinel, safeguarding profound cultural values.
From the elegant PH5 pendant lamp by Louis Poulsen to the charming DROP chair by Fritz Hansen, each creates an irresistible focal point upon entering the apartment.
Each piece of furniture, thoughtfully chosen, serves not only a practical purpose but also contributes to narrating the homeowner's story, one who deeply cherishes their cultural heritage.
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A home is not merely a space for rest after a long day. As previously mentioned, it serves as a sanctuary for rejuvenation, introspection, and deep connection with one's inner self. It engenders a sense of returning, not just to a specific place, but to a state of the soul - a haven where peace and happiness are discovered in every breath and every glance.

Location: District 7, Ho Chi Minh City Project completed: 2023 Interior design: Pham Le Trung Hieu Photographer: Do Sy Category: Home Living | Apartment
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