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Call upon the hues of emotion with nanoHome: Green

Color, the delicate artists of living space, is not just an aesthetic imprint but also wondrous instruments, emitting melodies of emotions and moods. They can transform an ordinary home space into a brilliant stage, where every corner whispers a story, every wall paints a unique personal essence.
Understanding and playing with color in living spaces is not just a personal preference but also a skillful art of combination, creating balance, bringing forth a vibrant living space, and vividly reflecting the owner's personality. Like adept playwrights, colors craft stories, emotions, and moods in every space, becoming an indispensable material in the hands of professional and creative interior designers.
Let's discover the magic of color through a specific example with nanoHome: the wonder of the color green.

Green Color: Vitality and Renewal

This Is Rice Office Address:
47B Phạm Ngọc Thạch, Phường Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Photo: @quacam.studio
The green color, with its freshness and tranquility, brings us closer to nature. It not only creates a relaxing atmosphere, reducing stress, but also stimulates concentration, bringing a vibrant work environment.
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Photo: @quacam.studio
The highlight of the This Is Rice office space is the sophisticated blend of the green USM Haller modular shelving system, the Series 7 and PK22 chairs from Fritz Hansen, and the soft illumination from the Bibliotheque floor lamp and IC pendant light by Flos.
The color green symbolizes life and freshness, serving as a reminder of the unceasing growth of plants in nature. Gazing upon this hue, one feels a sense of vitality and a profound connection with the natural world.
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The PALISSADE outdoor collection by HAY stands as a testament to the beauty of green. Radiant in its vibrant green hue, PALISSADE exudes a youthful, vivacious charm, seamlessly blending into its surroundings. Each piece in the collection not only embodies a natural aesthetic but also represents a connection to the verdant spaces of a garden.
The durability and versatility of the BST Palissade in green from HAY, suitable for all weather conditions, presents a perfect amalgamation of style and functionality. It offers comfort and a contemporary elegance to any outdoor setting.
Additionally, the color green brings emotional balance. It creates a harmonious living space, fostering feelings of tranquility and peace. Green is not merely a decorative element for a home, but also a source of inspiration that soothes and relaxes the soul.
The PH5 lamp, featuring a soothing blue hue from the Louis Poulsen brand, will undoubtedly help you relax under its "silky" light, harmoniously combined with a tranquil navy blue.
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The color green, with its refreshing beauty and strong connection to nature, has become a symbol of rebirth, vitality, and balance. In fashion, interior design, and art, green consistently opens up a realm of creativity, seamlessly blending with the natural world. Looking to the future, green will undoubtedly continue to be an endless source of inspiration for those who cherish sophistication, sustainability, and a close affinity with nature.
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