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From the Inspiration of Collection to the Art of Decoration

— A cozy home bathed in sunshine, belonging to the couple Tuệ Minh, nestled beside the Saigon River

The home of two artistic souls has transformed into a vibrant living artwork, where each room becomes a unique "miniature museum" adorned with distinctive and intriguing art pieces. Through their shared love and passion for art, they have converted their abode into a space that embodies their enthusiasm and personalization in every creation.
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Upon entering the living room, one is immediately immersed in a space where each furnishing detail seems to tell a story, a ballad of emotion and creativity. The soft cream sofa is like a stretch of sand beside a tranquil sea, while the round table at the center of the room resembles a precious gem, gathering warm conversations.
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The color scheme of the room elevates the ambiance, where neutral tones blend with vibrant accents to create a vivid tableau, brimming with love and passion. Sunlight weaves through the delicate curtains, embellishing the space with warm, golden streaks of light, reminiscent of morning sunbeams lingering in the hair.
When integrating the Fritz Hansen SERIES 7 chair, an emblem of Danish design, into this space, we are adding a layer of design culture and sophistication. Available in shades of blue, yellow, and black, each color offers a distinct highlight and evokes a unique ambiance in the room.
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The DROP chair by Fritz Hansen stands out with its unique design, characterized by its distinctive shape, which creates an intriguing focal point in any room. When combined with the SERIES 7, our home becomes significantly more charming and vibrant. The DROP chair can be strategically placed in supplementary locations, such as a reading nook or relaxation corner, to forge an exciting and creative combination.
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The entire room is a symphony of classical and modern elements, where each object, from the chairs to the sculptural works, serves as musical notes composing a unique melody that is both familiar and fresh. The Arrangements pendant light adds an intriguing touch to the dining area.
The Arrangement pendant by Flos is a masterpiece of lighting art, crafted by the renowned artist Michael Anastassiades. It is a product of Flos, an Italian company specializing in the design and production of high-end decorative lighting.
Arrangement is a refined blend of premium materials and innovative design. The combination of superior LED and opal glass creates a soft and distinctive light, establishing a unique and sophisticated lighting ambiance. The artistic design of Arrangement allows for individual arrangement of the lights, creating unique visual effects and artistic focal points in the space.
In art collection, there are no definitive rules. The couple simply selects and accumulates pieces based on the significance of each work, contributing to the diversity within their home's spaces, and the way these artworks enhance each room.
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The integration of interior design with the lighting system is a noteworthy highlight. Apart from the unique Arrangements pendant lamp, the Nanoco Premium architectural lighting system also ensures that the space is well-illuminated and aesthetically pleasing.
The Nanoco Premium architectural light represents a sophisticated blend of nanomaterials technology and contemporary design. This product is manufactured by Nanoco Group PLC, a leader in the development and production of nanomaterials solutions and advanced lighting technologies.
The Nanoco Premium stands out for its ability to deliver sharp, energy-efficient lighting. Utilizing cutting-edge nanomaterials technology, this light produces a soft, uniform illumination, creating a comfortable and pleasant lighting environment.
To create a space that resonates with your personal touch and embodies similar emotions, consider blending furniture pieces with unique character and materials, in tasteful yet bold colors. An artfully vibrant painting or a distinctive decorative lamp can serve as a daily inspiration, evoking a range of emotions from tranquility and depth to joy and exhilaration, thus crafting a living space that's not just functional, but also a realm for feeling and experiencing.

Location: Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City Project completed: 2022 Interior design: QBi Corp Photographer: Do Sy, nanoHome Category: Home Living | Apartment
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