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FRITZ HANSEN | PK0 at ₫133,400,000
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In her artistic journey, Amélie du Chalard first encountered Fritz Hansen before being captivated by the finesse of Poul Kjærholm's works. From those initial steps, her Paris home has now transformed into a vast exhibition space for these masterpieces.
Once a private library in the post-World War II era, later an artist's studio, du Chalard's home now stands as an artwork itself, with soaring ceilings, light flooding every corner, and expansive walls akin to a canvas. "I keep the walls white to serve as a backdrop for art pieces, ranging from the miniature to the grand and diverse in form," she shares.
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FRITZ HANSEN | Ikeru Low Vase at ₫4,910,000
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Famously referred to as the ‘Element’ chair, the PK25 stands as a testament to Kjærholm's passion for elevating ordinary, industrial materials into remarkable artistic expressions.
“My home is a reflection of myself and the way I want to live,” she continues, “so it is filled with art and furniture that are meaningful to me. Since I was 15, the only gifts I’ve received for my birthday have been artworks. Paintings, sculpture, photographs, textile; I connect with many mediums. I feel similarly about furniture. All the furniture I have tells a story, and I am very focused on a diverse array of textures, from wood to cotton to wool to metal.”
This is most vividly realized in the spacious 100-square-meter ground floor area of her home, which serves as a living room, kitchen, dining area, office, and now, a play area for her young children. “I like that it’s such a used space,” Amélie says. “There’s a lot of joy there!”
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FRITZ HANSEN | PK24 at ₫634,740,000
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FRITZ HANSEN | GRAND PRIX starts from ₫17,320,000


In the primary area of her home, one finds Arne Jacobsen's Grand Prix chairs, eloquently described by Amélie as “sculptural and graphic, with pure lines.” Her collection also includes the esteemed works of Poul Kjærholm, namely the PK25, PK24, and PK22 chairs. “I like that they are different but all go together;” she observes. “I think about art the same way: it doesn’t have to match, but the pieces should bring out the best in each other.”
Amélie further notes, “It’s also important to note that although these pieces are sculptural, they’re also very comfortable. That’s something my husband is always reminding me is important! And it’s true. I think Nordic design often has both elements - aesthetics and comfort.”
For her upcoming addition from Fritz Hansen, Amelie shares her admiration for Arne Jacobsen's leather Egg Chair. "I know lots of people have it, and I don’t like to go with trends, but it’s a timeless piece." she explains. She's also drawn to Piero Lissoni's Alphabet Sofa, with its low profile and modular flexibility. "The design is bit more playful, but it’s still clean," she emphasizes.
Just like her bond with artists, Amelie's affection for designers deepens as she immerses herself more in their work. “I trust Fritz Hansen pieces, and being introduced to Poul Kjærholm and Arne Jacobsen - among others - has brought so much beauty into my space and life. When it comes to furniture, I go with my heart, and it has not failed!”
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FRITZ HANSEN | POUF at ₫21,710,000
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FRITZ HANSEN | PK22 at ₫197,030,000

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