Whispers of Serenity in a Bustling Rhapsody

Amidst the palpitating heart of the city, a tranquil oasis gently unfolds, refreshing the urban landscape. Bathed in the embrace of sight, this space resonates with an artistic symphony amidst the bustling rhythm of everyday life. With each resounding step, a note echoes within the city's love song, concealing a haven – where every crevice and corner whispers its own tale, woven from an infinite wellspring of inspiration.
A symphony of light and color orchestrates a soul-stirring melody within this sanctuary. Sunlight dances through the windows, casting a golden glow of serenity upon the room, whispering tales of dawn. The walls, adorned in pastel hues, resonate with the gentle echoes of youth and vitality.
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bd | EXPLORER 2 COFFEE TABLE from ₫89,740,000
Taking center stage in the living room is the Explorer table by BD Barcelona – an icon of refined elegance and innovation. The reflective surface of the tabletop mirrors the surroundings, accentuating every corner of the space. Paired with its distinctively designed base, it transcends its functional purpose as a mere surface for drinks, becoming a captivating focal point that commands attention.
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Suspended from the soaring ceiling, the Viscontea pendant lamp by Flos blossoms with graceful curves, casting a warm glow that illuminates the room. A masterpiece of minimalist artistry, it transcends its functional role as a mere source of light, contributing to the inviting ambiance and swiftly becoming an integral part of this sophisticated living space.
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Completing the scene is an Ikebana arrangement, where the unpretentious beauty of nature intertwines with the spirit of Japanese flower art. Imbuing the space with ceaseless vitality and inspiration, it serves as a perfect complement to the understated yet luxurious design of this living environment.
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In a captivating dance, natural light and interior design intertwine, crafting an irresistible allure within this kitchen space. Bathed in the glow of the intricately designed Viscontea pendant lamp, every hue is showcased in exquisite detail, from the neutral tones of the walls and flooring to the pristine white chandelier that whispers tales of clouds and sky. Each gentle ray of light accentuates the captivating beauty of the marble dining table, where simple yet elegant flowers sway gracefully in their unpretentious vase.
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FLOS | VISCONTEA PENDANT giá từ ₫75,100,000
The rich burgundy hue of the chairs accentuates the sophisticated charm of the space, creating an artistic contrast against the soft cream tones of the room. This is not merely a clever color combination but a testament to the refined sensibilities at play, striking a delicate balance between warmth and elegance. The gold-plated chair legs and table base add a touch of opulence, a subtle nod to the surrounding monochromatic aesthetic.
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The open expanse between the cooking area and the dining table orchestrates a seamless transition in both function and style. The cabinetry's hues blend harmoniously with the overall aesthetic, evoking a sense of elegance that is equally inviting. Every wall, every piece of furniture, transcends its utilitarian purpose, becoming part of a vibrant canvas where the artistry and harmony of color are celebrated each day.
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A symphony of gentle hues, the bedroom serves as a sanctuary for those who cherish sophistication and tranquility. Each space is seemingly painted with the brushstrokes of an artist, where the minimalism of modern design engages in a silent conversation with the coziness of mid-century style.
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FRITZ HANSEN | SERIES 7, 3107 CHAIR giá từ ₫17,320,000
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FLOS | IC F2 FLOOR LAMP giá liên hệ
Beyond mere objects, each piece of furniture contributes to a vibrant tableau. The chestnut chair, more than just a seat, stands as a testament to timeless beauty, contrasting with the gentle curves of the blush sofa, both engaging in a dance of form and function. The light from the slender lamp, not merely dispelling darkness, becomes a soothing melody illuminating the polished table, a space celebrating simplicity and comfort.
In this space, color transcends mere sight, inviting a deeper sensory experience. The marriage of blush and terracotta tones speaks of strength tempered with softness. This juxtaposition, a dialogue between elements, breathes life into the atmosphere. The patterns adorning the bed linen, like a natural breeze amidst the contemporary setting, evoke an artistic haven within the orchestrated tranquility of the room.
In one corner, a whimsical vignette beckons, a nod to childhood memories. Stuffed animals are arranged like playful notes on a piano, each form an innocent echo amidst the room's sophisticated air.
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FontanaArte | BILIA MEDIUM TABLE LAMP giá từ ₫29,150,000
Within this room, each hue, each texture, each object speaks as a word in the narrative of the space, crafted not merely for living, but for feeling - a tranquil sanctuary amidst the bustling symphony of life.
Modern design unveils its refined beauty through the minimalist philosophy, where functionality and purposeful layout take center stage. Warm neutral tones of wood brown, beige, and off-white paint a harmonious and unified picture for each room, evoking a sense of serenity and tranquility for the soul.
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Project designed by team MQD.
nanoHome is the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for the USM Modular Furniture brand from Switzerland, Fritz Hansen, HAY Design from Denmark, Flos from Italy, and BD Barcelona Design from Spain.
  • Showroom 1: nanoHome Gallery at 675 - 677 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC (Near Ung Van Khiem Street - Saigon Bridge).
  • Showroom 2: House at 215G6 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC.
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