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Cuisine Through the Lens of Light: The Cin Cin Restaurant Project

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As afternoon descends upon Hanoi, with the chill delicately threading through the time-honored lanes, a nascent cafe gradually materializes, infusing the alley with a breath of romance, a lyrical charm akin to Paris bathed in twilight's glow. Cin Cin restaurant emerges as a tender ballad, a sweet serenade. It distinguishes itself not just with its snug, European-flavored ambiance and alluring, fresh cuisine but also as nanoHome's jewel nestled in Hanoi's heart, celebrated for the intriguing illumination that nanoHome has lovingly curated.
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Glimpsed through a door of stylized and luxurious design, the dim, candle-like flickering light kindles curiosity about the warm space within. The warm color palette and cozy lighting together stimulate the imagination, awakening the taste buds, inviting guests to pause and immerse themselves in a high-class culinary space.
Lighting - Science. Art. And Emotion.
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The exterior space of the restaurant emerges like a poetic painting, concealed beneath the warm embrace of golden light, captivating the gaze of passersby with its accessible beauty yet mysterious allure. The light radiating from two meticulously placed wall lamps adds an artistic touch to the overall picture, softly casting onto the ceiling, spreading down the walls and window frames, creating an atmosphere that's both romantic and private. It's as though each wall serves as an individual screen of a miniature cinema, inviting everyone to step into a dreamlike world.
Passersby can easily catch a romantic moment at the two exterior corners - a highlight of the Cin Cin restaurant, akin to a splendid observatory amidst the bustling heart of Hanoi.
The soft lighting, diffusing an artistic golden hue, embraces the street scene through the clear glass window, like a natural screen presenting a real-life movie set, where streams of people and vehicles continuously create a vivid, somewhat mystical picture as the sunset gradually fades.
In front, the set of tables and chairs placed halfway through the window beckons, not only offering a private, cozy space for two but also opening an invisible stage, where urban life turns into a romantic backdrop. Customers sitting here are not just guests of Cin Cin but also connoisseurs of life, soaking in this delicate setting. This striking exterior feature not only captures attention but also invites travelers on their path to pause, letting this refined moment etch deeply into their memories.

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A gentle cream-colored wall and wicker chairs - cozy and inviting. A small peach tree in bloom placed by the window serves as a spring accent, blending into the harmonious painting of warm and sophisticated wooden interiors.
Each interior detail, from the softness of the woven chairs to the simple patterns on the cushions, is highlighted by the warm light, acting as a subtle embellishment against the gentle cream walls. The quality of the light harmonizes the space, making it a corner for relaxation and reflection, where everything is intentionally arranged, from the lighting to the layout. Every detail contributes to creating a genuine artistic experience.
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Cin Cin Restaurant Project

  • Location: Hanoi
  • Completion: 2023
  • Project Type: Restaurant


  • EVA LED Downlight, 5W, 3000K, CRI 90
  • IOTA Recessed LED Downlight, 12W, 3000K
  • GAIA Surface Mounted LED, 12W, 3000K
  • LED Wall Light NBLS13SQ, IP65
  • ECO Half-Moon LED Light NSHE203
  • LED Wall Light IP54 15W NBL5705A
  • LED Wall Light IP54 2x7W NBL2621WD

nanoHome is the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for the USM Modular Furniture brand from Switzerland, Fritz Hansen, HAY Design from Denmark, Flos from Italy, BD Barcelona Design from Spain and architecture lighting brands like Nanoco Premium, Panasonic.
  • Showroom 1: nanoHome Gallery at 675 - 677 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC (Near Ung Van Khiem Street - Saigon Bridge).
  • Showroom 2: House at 215G6 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC.
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