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Patina is an artistic term used to describe the transformation in color, surface, or structure of materials - especially metals, wood, or leather - over time. It's often associated with a natural and aesthetically pleasing aging process, creating a unique and artistic outer layer.
In art and design, patina is not just a sign of time passing; it's a manifestation of history, stories, and memories. Every scratch, every wear mark, and even each color change contributes to telling the story of the object's past, the interactions and relationships it has experienced.
Patina is not something that can be artificially created; it is the result of a slow, natural process. It represents the beauty of imperfection, the acceptance, and appreciation of what time brings.
In a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and fragrance, Fritz Hansen has collaborated with NONFICTION, a renowned lifestyle beauty brand known for storytelling through scent. This unique partnership has given birth to a new home fragrance, "Long Autumn," enriching daily moments of relaxation and adding depth to living spaces. A highlight of "Long Autumn" is the use of oak in its design - a familiar material in Fritz Hansen's products. The harmonious combination of traditional materials and rich, deep fragrances like oak and maple, along with the imprint of time through the concept of "Patina," creates a unique and artistically profound product that appeals to all senses.
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The product lid is crafted from oak wood, a familiar material in classic designs from Fritz Hansen.

Inspired by Patina

Patina - the natural evolution of all things shaped by time. Nature's gentle touch leaves behind unique marks on the objects around us, creating distinct textures and aesthetics. Furniture pieces exhibit the daily imprints of life bestowed by their owners, forming cherished stories over time, and celebrating a beauty that deepens.
For Fritz Hansen and NONFICTION, the concept of patina is delicately explored and integrated into fragrance, making it an integral part of the product experience. Patina is not just a part of the past; it is a source of inspiration for the future, a design language that speaks to the respect and love for natural evolution and the passage of time.
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About the Scent

The "Long Autumn" fragrance embodies the essence of a contemplative moment on a tranquil mountainside, enveloped in the crisp air of late autumn. The warm embrace of its scent, blended with the spice of cardamom, combines the deep aroma of oak and the gentle sweetness of maple, offering a rich aftertaste of late autumn and smokiness. The profound scent of patchouli and the smooth intertwining of vetiver with a leathery note leave behind an unforgettable aroma, gently reminding you of the season's subtle touch and lasting impression.
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FRITZ HANSEN | SERIES 7 LEATHER from ₫39,160,000

The interior space and fragrance of FRITZHANSEN x NONFICTION.

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FRITZ HANSEN | SERIES 7 from ₫17,320,000
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