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Power and Grace: The Luxurious Life of the Queen of Tear

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Romantic? Thrilling?

The dreamy lives of the young heiresses and heirs in the Korean drama "Queen of Tears" have captured countless hearts. Not just for their strikingly handsome appearances and their "sky-high aura" of the superstar cast, but also for making viewers gasp in admiration at the "how luxurious, how stylish" collection of top-tier furniture of the Queens' house.
Hello everyone, I'm Han, a diehard fan of "Queen of Tears" and a marketer who loves interior design. Let's take a look at some of the iconic furniture designs featured in the drama.
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VERPAN | VP GLOBE Pendant from ₫75,890,000
From the film's opening scenes, Hae In, the heiress, effortlessly showcases her exquisite VP GLOBE pendant light by the high-end Verpan brand. This VP Globe stands as a coveted jewel within the pendant lighting realm, celebrated by the style connoisseurs for its distinct flair and timeless elegance. By suspending a VP Globe, you're essentially declaring to the world, "Observe, for I embody sophistication." Through every cinematic frame and photograph, the undeniable "aura" of luxury it exudes is palpable.
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The protagonist, Hae In, appears to be a fervent admirer of the Verpan brand, as evidenced by her workspace prominently featuring a Wire table lamp designed by Verner Panton. This unique lamp, with its unmistakable "futuristic" design, might amusingly seem at first glance like the offspring of an unlikely romance between a birdcage and a disco ball.
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Outshining even himself, Hyun-Woo, the dashing male protagonist, is undeniably a devout connoisseur of the esteemed Danish label, Fritz Hansen.
His sanctum, the bedroom, is graced not only with the presence of an Egg chair—an emblematic masterpiece by Arne Jacobsen—but Hyun-Woo also revels in the comfort of another hallmark from the same luminary: the Oxford chair.
Hyun-Woo, epitomizing elegance and a discerning interior aesthetic, evidently entrusts his space to the legendary prowess of Fritz Hansen. A Danish marque celebrated for its breathtaking designs that command universal admiration. Within his personal retreat, he boasts not just one, but a duo of Arne Jacobsen’s jewels: the Egg chair, a quintessential diamond of design exuding refined beauty, alongside the Oxford office chair, a luxurious declaration of style, boldly proclaiming, "Should interior design be likened to an art, then I am its maestro, orchestrating the artistry of my own living tableau.”
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FRITZ HANSEN | Egg Chair from ₫252,190,000
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FRITZ HANSEN | Oxford Chair at ₫79,550,000
And it’s impossible not to mention the two distinguished lamps that grace the attorney’s workspace—true masterpieces from Fritz Hansen and &Tradition, creatively reinterpreted editions of the Kaiser Idell 6556 table lamp and the Como SC53 table lamp. These are not just supremely elegant and opulent; they bestow upon Hyun-Woo’s bedroom an ambiance rich in introspective depth, perfect for his reflective solitude in the absence of his partner.
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FRITZ HANSEN | KAISER IDELL Table Lamp from ₫35,400,000
In the sanctum of his office, Hyun-Woo proudly displays the original Kaiser Idell 6631 lamp. In stark contrast to its counterpart, the 6556, the 6631 distinguishes itself with a formidable exterior and a pronounced industrial Bauhaus ethos, embodying the "unbreachable shield of law," safeguarding the Queens conglomerate from any legal storms.
Wow, just one episode in, and already, I’m overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of renowned designs featured in "Queen of Tears." To uncover more classic designs, let's dive into episode two together. And for those yearning to immerse themselves in the pinnacle of luxurious living, the nanoHome Gallery showroom awaits your visit.
To be continue…

The show airs at 21:20 on Saturdays and Sundays on Netflix.
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