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Redefining a Cozy Space

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We are excited to share a brand-new project designed by the sgnhA team, in which nanoHome had the honor to participate.
Working meticulously with the team to select nanoHome's furniture products for the guest house space until we saw the house reveal itself in all its perfect glory, we were astonished to realize: under the magical hands of architects and designers, a house is not merely a material shelter but also a haven for souls, where every moment is shared and cherished. So, how is "warmth" - the soul of every home, expressed exactly as the client desires? It is indeed an art! Let's visit one of the unique projects we are proud to have contributed to.
Color - The Soul of Space
Color has a miraculous power in creating a feeling for the space. In the homeowner's house, the beige is not just beige but "beloved beige," brown is not just brown but "deep brown," along with orange, yellow, and red creating a warm color feast, making everything around naturally become friendly and safe.
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In the symphony of this space, each neutral tone is coordinated like the notes in a classical sonata, both familiar and novel. The lighting fixtures, like skilled musicians, from the vintage-style PH5 pendant lamp to the futuristic WIRE floor lamp, together create a captivating concert of light, where every corner of the room becomes a magnificent auditorium.
Thus, with the backdrop from sgnhA and a touch of spice from nanoHome, the house is not just a simple shelter, but also a vivid art gallery, where each piece of decor, from the lights to the furniture, has its own unique personality, ready to "shine" and "capture the hearts" of anyone who steps in.
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HAY | RICE PAPER Pendant from ₫5,000,000
Next to the dark wood sofa set, a striking yellow USM Haller cabinet stands proudly, quickly "stealing the spotlight" and becoming the focal point of the room. More than just an aesthetic piece, this cabinet is like a ray of sunshine, bringing warmth and liveliness into every nook and cranny.
Suspended above, the Rice Paper pendant light from HAY shines like an East Asian jewel, with its soft light filtering through the traditional paper layer, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This light is not just a lighting fixture; it is a story, a classic ballad, inviting every soul to step in and immerse themselves in the dance of light and color.
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USM | USM HALLER Cabinet from ₫31,850,000

Light - The Catalyst for Inspiration

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FRITZ HANSEN | IKERU Vase giá ₫4,910,000
Natural light is always a top priority for designers, acting as the conductor that opens up the space and merges it with nature. However, the symphony does not stop there; artificial lighting is also assigned a role of equal importance. Wall lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps are cleverly arranged like skilled musicians, not only brightening every corner of the room but also creating impressive artistic highlights. They contribute to a warm and personal space, where each light does not just illuminate but also ignites a flame of intimacy and privacy, like an invitation to a world where light and darkness blend, creating a vivid and colorful painting.
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HAY | KALEIDO Tray from ₫549,000
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LOUIS POULSEN | PH 5 Pendant giá ₫33,590,000
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FLOS | GATTO PICCOLO Table Lamp at ₫21,230,000
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&TRADITION | WIRE Floor Lamp at ₫37,480,000
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HAY | SLIT Side Table from ₫5,370,000
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FRITZ HANSEN | KAISER IDELL Table Lamp from ₫35,400,000 FLOS | CHIARA Floor Lamp from ₫35,400,000
"A cozy space is not just created from the layout and colors, but also from the memories and love that we weave into every nook of the home."
Small decorative items, often overlooked by some designers, are not merely objects; they are messengers of emotions and love, elevating the living experience in every corner of the home.
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VOLTA MOBILE | VOLTA Decor from ₫4,800,000
The metallic coffee table, with its glossy surface reflecting the room's imagery, serves not just as a surface for items but also as a space for communication and sharing. Around this table, stories unfold, smiles are shared, bringing joy and warmth to every moment spent together.
A delicately placed vase on a table not only defines the space with its color and shape but also breathes a touch of nature into the room, reminding us of the simple yet profound beauty of life.
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The combination of aesthetic beauty and functionality creates a true living space – where each item, each form, has its own significance and contributes to the overall picture of family happiness.

Project designed by sgnhA | https://www.sgnha.com/
nanoHome is the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for the USM Modular Furniture brand from Switzerland, Fritz Hansen, HAY Design from Denmark, Flos from Italy, and BD Barcelona Design from Spain.
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