Light: A Silent Artist of Living Space.

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In the journey of refurbishing our abode, light is sometimes forgotten, yet in truth, it plays a pivotal role. Light gently touches our eyes, awakening perceptions of the room's dimensions, painting a romantic atmosphere, and, above all, it's something that can reach deep into the soul, stirring myriad emotions.
Beyond the mere selection of an aesthetically pleasing lampshade, lighting design is an art form in itself. In reality, there are three fundamental elements that constitute lighting design. When harmoniously combined, ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting blend together, transforming living spaces into enchanting realms of fairy tales. Let's step into that wondrous symphony together.

Ambient lighting

At the genesis of the luminous symphony of living space lies Ambient lighting. Much like the words of designer Louis Kahn, who proclaimed, "Light is the language of architecture," ambient lighting establishes the groundwork, sketching the foundational beauty of the room. It not only illuminates but also stirs a sensation of warmth, profound depth, akin to an invisible hand tenderly embracing the living space.
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Ambient lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the perception of depth and warmth. To achieve this effect, the light artist often employs sparkling "stars" on the ceiling, such as refined recessed lights, dazzling crystal chandeliers, or sleek track lights with flexible spotlights. Each choice contributes to painting layers of delicate light, creating a solid foundation for the impending dazzling dance.
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FLOS | VISCONTEA PENDANT giá từ ₫75,100,000
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FontanaArte | CHANDELIER PENDANT giá từ ₫134,645,000
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At nanoHome, we deeply grasp the significance of ambient lighting in crafting the enchanting orchestration of living spaces. Just as artists infuse their soul into their masterpieces, our design team deftly blends technical expertise, imaginative flair, and extensive experience to harmonize the placement, intensity, and style of lighting, thereby enhancing your project.
We meticulously plot the placement of lights, curate appropriate light intensities, and blend diverse artistic lamp designs to achieve a cohesive and exquisite overall lighting ambiance. Each step is executed with precision, akin to the skillful arrangement of musical notes, laying a sturdy groundwork for the forthcoming mesmerizing performance.
Let nanoHome be your companion, transforming light into artistry, and sculpting a living space brimming with emotion and joy.

Task lighting

On the shimmering canvas of ambient lighting, gently interweaves a new layer - Task lighting. Much like the soft background notes in a love ballad, task lighting emerges to support everyday activities within the home. Whether you're weaving magic in the kitchen, immersed in a cinematic tale, or turning the pages of a book steeped in the fragrance of time, this light source will always be there, ensuring every detail is perfectly illuminated, with not a single shadow to conceal.
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Task lighting serves not only as a mere illumination function but also as a delicate embellishment, adding charm to every nook and cranny. It is a silent companion, quietly accompanying you, tracing each step of your journey, aiding you in completing every task with completeness and serenity.
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louis poulsen | PH 4/3 giá từ ₫23,900,000
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louis poulsen | PH 5 giá từ ₫33,590,000
In general, this is not just a source of light with a simple decorative purpose; it is truly an invaluable assisting light that helps you accomplish your tasks effectively.

Accent lighting

If Ambient lighting is the solid foundation and Task lighting the soft, supporting melodies, then Accent lighting is the masterstroke that elevates the living space's sparkling symphony. As the renowned lighting designer Kelly Wearstler once shared, "Light is the jewelry of darkness," Accent lighting not only serves an additive function but is also a critical element in showcasing the homeowner's unique personality and style.
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Accent lighting can shine anywhere, from the refined edges of shelving units to wall-mounted artworks or casting mystical shadows at the base of walls. Utilizing underglow lights beneath a fireplace, for instance, creates a shimmering beauty, akin to flames flickering on an isolated island amidst the ocean of night.
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This source of light not only embellishes the space but also evokes emotions, creating focal points that draw the eye. It's like the crescendo in a love song, making the living space more intriguing and romantic. Skillfully use Accent lighting to transform your home into an art masterpiece, where love flourishes and happiness abounds.
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HAY | RICE PAPAER SHADE giá từ ₫5,900,000
At nanoHome, we don't just design lighting; we create sparkling miracles for your sanctuary. We cleverly combine practical lighting features, refined artistic styles, and smart control systems. With just a gentle touch, you can customize your living space for every moment: warm light for a romantic dinner, focused light for study sessions, or soft light to relax after a long day.
nanoHome understands that happiness is built from the little things. We aspire to contribute to creating magical moments in your home, transforming your living space through every emotional nuance, ensuring every second is filled with love and joy.

nanoHome is the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for the USM Modular Furniture brand from Switzerland, Fritz Hansen, HAY Design from Denmark, Flos from Italy, BD Barcelona Design from Spain and architecture lighting brands like Nanoco Premium, Panasonic.
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