Ikebana & Ikeru Collection: The Essence of Simplicity

Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement from the Land of the Rising Sun, transcends mere floral composition. It is a choreography of balance, where hues and proportions intertwine in an ode to nature's quintessence. No need for rare or ornate blooms, Ikebana exalts artistic virtuosity, transforming the mundane into masterpieces.
One must grasp that Ikebana is a fusion of the words Ikeru, meaning to revive, and hana, meaning flower, thus the art of breathing life into blossoms. In Ikebana, flowers, in conjunction with the vase and ornamentation, symbolize heaven, earth, and humanity. In contrast to Western flower arranging styles, Ikebana embodies a rigorous restraint.
Ikebana beckons one to embrace simplicity. It serves as a gentle reminder that true beauty resides not in ostentation, but in the subtle orchestration, where each element exalts the other. This is an art that fosters creativity, empowering you to transform the ordinary into a breathtaking spectacle of artistry.
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Behold the resplendent Ikebana and Ikeru vase collection, a testament to the marriage of artistry and functionality. Crafted from hand-blown glass, each vessel is a masterpiece in its own right, seamlessly blending with the sturdy copper stand to cradle your floral arrangements in graceful embrace.
Envision the vase gently "whispering" the ideal height for the stem, its form exuding a quiet strength that allows each blossom to unfurl in its most natural and captivating glory. Yet, these vessels transcend mere functionality, imbued with an aesthetic value that elevates any space they grace.
Immerse yourself in the essence of Ikebana, and let your artistic spirit take flight.
Ikeru, a creation from the masterful hands of Jaime Hayon, stands as a testament to the art of refined minimalism. Transcending the conventional definition of a vase, Ikeru takes on the form of a unique artistic structure, crafted from metal cylinders stacked in a clever juxtaposition. This asymmetrical arrangement creates an intriguing visual rhythm, drawing the beholder into a captivating dance of metal and floral hues.
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Ikeru pays homage to the monochromatic beauty of a single blossom or a carefully curated bouquet. Its ideal companion is a delicate glass tray, half-filled with water. Like a nurturing mother, the glass tray provides a source of cool hydration, sustaining the flowers' vitality and allowing them to unfurl their radiant beauty.
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The positioning of the metal cylinders in the Ikeru vase serves a dual purpose. Firstly, they provide a guiding structure for the floral arrangement, helping to create a sense of balance and harmony. Secondly, they serve as striking visual accents within the minimalist design. The cylinders cleverly punctuate the composition, much like a lyrical waltz where the rising and falling notes of the metal intertwine with the graceful poise of the petals.
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Ikeru transcends the realm of ordinary vases, blossoming into an artistic masterpiece that celebrates the unadorned beauty of nature. It transforms monochromatic blooms into graceful dancers, twirling within a choreography of refined artistry.
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Emerging from the visionary mind of Jaime Hayon, Ikebana unfolds as an artistic masterpiece, meticulously crafted from hand-blown glass. Nestled within this vessel are two perforated steel discs, artfully positioned to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. The perforations not only guide the placement of flower stems but also gently embrace each blossom from base to bud, cradling them in a delicate embrace that preserves their natural poise and grace.
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Kết cấu kim loại của Ikebana cũng có sẵn phiên bản hoàn thiện bằng đồng thau, mang đến sự sang trọng và tinh tế vượt bậc cho tổng thể tác phẩm. Sự kết hợp khéo léo giữa thủy tinh trong suốt và kim loại với họa tiết đục lỗ tinh tế tạo nên một vũ điệu thị giác đầy mê hoặc.
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Beyond the allure of stainless steel, Ikebana unveils a new chapter in its story, adorned in the warm embrace of brass. This luxurious metal elevates the composition to new heights of sophistication, exuding an aura of timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship.
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Ikebana transcends the ordinary, transforming into a portal that ushers the beauty of nature into the heart of your home. It is not merely a vase, but a canvas upon which the story of nature unfolds, inviting you to witness the delicate dance between flora and form.

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